OtterBox prepares Xbox controller for battle (and remote streaming)

This week OtterBox tricked out the Xbox Wireless Controller experience. If you've got a new Xbox Wireless Controller, OtterBox has for you an Easy Grip Controller Shell, a Mobile Gaming Clip, a Gaming Carry Case, an Easy Grip Gaming Case, and a Gaming Glass Privacy Guard for your associated phone. This full package is made for the Xbox gamer that also plays remotely via their smartphone, in style and with protection.

OtterBox focused on the Xbox Wireless Controller and the 2nd-gen Xbox Elite Wireless Controller with their newest accessories. One is a Mobile Gaming Clip, made to hold a user's smartphone up and above the controller with the greatest of ease. This clip can also be converted to a table-top stand and "folds down for compact travel."

OtterBox made an "Easy Grip Controller Shell" to protect the Xbox Wireless Controller from damage. This might not be particularly necessary at home, but if you're out in the wild, playing your Xbox games remotely with your mobile phone with the Mobile Gaming Clip, you might need some added protection. The OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell "lets you personalize the look and feel of your controller while maintaining hand-feel and access to buttons and triggers." This shell also has swappable grips with antimicrobial protection right out the gate.

The Gaming Carrying Case was made as a gaming controller case designed for mobile use. It's made to carry joysticks, triggers, and the rest of the controller, and also has the ability to transform. This case can convert to a gaming stand "to create the ultimate mobile command center."

The Gaming Glass Privacy Guard is what OtterBox calls "the first screen protector in the world to be optimized for mobile gaming." It protects the physical integrity of the display glass of your phone, but it also provides "screen privacy in entertainment (landscape) orientation. It's made for "the latest iPhone devices" and also works with an antimicrobial agent "that blocks microbial growth."

OtterBox also revealed an Easy Grip Gaming Case made for "the latest iPhone devices" with additional device iterations coming soon. This case was made to "game on the go with no 5G signal lag." This case was designed to provide an ergonomic experience in entertainment-mode (landscape).

The full OtterBox mobile gaming product collection listed above will be made available on pre-order starting on January 25, 2021. Prices for this set of items will be shared on or before that particular date. These items will be made available on OtterBox dot com as well as through the Microsoft Store and other select retailers.