OS X Yosemite now on second 'Golden Master'

Os X Yosemite is coming, likely later this month when Apple is said to beĀ holding their iPad/iMac event. Having been announced earlier this year at WWDC, Yosemite promises to bridge the mobile/desktop experience nicely. Today, a second Golden Master edition of the beta software has been issued, signaling a public release is imminent.

A "Golden Master" edition of a beta OS X iteration is typical just ahead of launch. It's Apple's way of presenting what they believe to be a final product to Developers, essentially a "last call" for bugs and fixes.

Interestingly enough, this is the second Golden Master version of OS X Yosemite that Apple has released. The first was clearly leaving some key components out of the mix.

OS X Yosemite is set to bring in a series of very mobile-centric features. You'll be able to answer calls using your iPhone as a back-end device, and conduct those calls via your desktop. Notification center is also getting a bit more mobile in look and feel, and Spotlight is also revamped.

Apple's event is rumored for October 16, so it may not be long before the public release comes to desktops everywhere.

Source: Apple Developer Center