Apple iPad/iMac event may happen October 16

Apple's iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event was chock full of good stuff, but gave up nothing more than a few phones and a wearable. Adding more would have extended the conference beyond our level of comfort, so Apple decided to host a second event later on. Originally believed to be toward the end of this month, it seems the iPad event we've been anticipated has been bumped up.

Initially thought to be held on the 21st, it seems Apple is instead going to show us new stuff on the 16th. That's a Thursday instead of a Tuesday. Apple held their iPhone 6 event on a Tuesday, so the original thought was that they'd keep it structured like that.

Guess not.

This time around, we're likely going to hear about new iPads, along with new iMacs. We've seen a lot of rumblings on both of those fronts, and the iMac lineup may go 5K this time around.

The iPad lineup is likely to get thinner, with the iPad mini getting TouchID. We're still waiting to see if that iPad Pro is coming this Fall, if at all. The 12-inch behemoth would be Apple's largest tablet ever, and quietly make us question if the Macbook air is still necessary.

This event likely won't have the pizazz of the iPhone event (read: no U2), and be fairly straightforward. It may usher is OS X Yosemite to the masses, so be ready for an upgrade should that occur.

We've yet to receive our invitation to the event, but when we know — you'll know.

Source: Re/Code