Report: iPad Pro coming in 2015 (don't hold your breath)

If you're reading this on a laptop, specifically a MacBook, think about whether that screen would make for a good tablet. If the answer is yes, the iPad Pro may have had your attention before. The 12.9-inch tablet Apple is believed to be working on has been discussed for some time, but a new report suggests we'll see it early next year.

Since it first made its debut in the rumor mill, the iPad Pro has been the stuff of legend. It was also supposed to have made a debut earlier this year, but that never happened. Subsequent talk of the project being scrapped — then revived — breathes new life into the big tablet talk.

Still, we find ourselves in familiar stead here, with the tablet now believed to be released in early 2015. The massive screen is also rumored to have a pixel density that nears ultra high-definition. Curiously, the report claims Apple has been working with suppliers on providing a new "range" of larger touchscreen tablets. Are there more iPad Pros in the works?

Aside from the pixel density and screen size changes, the iPad Pro is believed to be a lot like the current iPads we have. Thin, light, relatively strong, and adopting Apple design cues means the iPad Pro may really just be bigger and better – but familiar.

Source: Bloomberg