OS X Touchscreen Netbook: Gigabyte M912X gets the Apple sauce

Netbooks running Apple's OS X have been done before, so this software install hack takes it one stage further by putting Leopard on a touchscreen Gigabyte M912X.  Since Leopard has inking facilities built-in – including an on-screen keyboard and handwriting recognition courtesy of InkWell – it looks to be a very successful transplant.Check out the video demo of the Gigabyte touchscreen MacBook after the cut

The work of Apple fancier Stuart Lowe, based in the UK, I'm having trouble finding specific details of how he achieved it all.  However any of the generic guides to getting OS X running on non-Apple hardware should work, such as this one.

Stuart now has a compact convertible MacBook with an 8.9-inch touchscreen, 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and 160GB hard-drive.  There's also plenty of scope for an integrated HSDPA module.  It once again raises the question: why aren't Apple making something like this themselves?

[via GottaBeMobile]