OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud Confirmed as Apple Subjects for WWDC Opening Keynote

This year on the 6th of June, here in sunny San Francisco at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2011 (WWDC), we saw no less than Steve Jobs step on stage with his classic jeans and sweatshirt outfit. "We've got an awesome morning together, this morning. Thank you for coming so much." Steve was glad to welcome every one of the 5,200 attendees to the conference, a number that sold out in under 2 hours. He goes on to confirm exactly what we've been expecting: "We've got some great stuff to talk about: OS X Lion, iOS 5, and some kind of interesting new cloud stuff."

This was only the beginning, Steve handing off the mic to Phil Schiller and eventually Craig Federighi, both of them showing off the next big Mac OSX project, known simply as LION. For this day they'd only be showing off 10 features, they said, revealing a screen of logos for everyone's enjoyment and titillation.

UPDATE: we've got everything for you in strides! More than we could have ever dreamed of on all of the subjects we've listed and more. You can access it all by heading over to the big [WWDC 2011 Portal] and have yourself a click fest!