OS X El Capitan - the "S" for Yosemite

This morning Apple introduced OS X El Capitan – that's the "S" version of the operating system they revealed last year, OS X Yosemite. As predicted earlier this morning, the images shown on the iMacs onstage at WWDC 2015 show the mountain El Capitan, a vertical rock formation inside Yosemite national park. This indicated that there wouldn't be a whole new, completely different operating system in store, but an upgrade, much in the way Apple released a numbered iPhone every other year, and an upgraded "S" version every year after.

The new operating system will contain small changes in UI. One is the ability to make the cursor – the little arrow pointer you use all day long – a little bit bigger if you shake your mouse or move your finger back and forth quickly.


This update is mostly going to be about under-the-hood elements. Making the entire operating system more reliable, smoother, better.

Tab pinning is coming with El Capitan, as is a collection of additional swipe gestures in Apple's Mail app. Spotlight will include a new natural language search, and Safari will be able to turn sound off in individual tabs.

Exploring a crowded page full of windowed apps will be re-activated with three fingers swiped. Remember that feature from a few years ago? Good times.

Later today – likely by the end of the hour – we'll hear when this version of the desktop operating system will be released. Expect a free upgrade.