OS GSR-110B portable generator uses flexible solar panel [Video]

A Japanese company has developed a highly portable backup generator which uses a flexible solar panel to fit 40W of power into a 3kg package. The OS GSR-110B combines a 24W internal rechargeable battery with a 16W solar panel that pulls 1.2m from the side of the unit.Video demo after the cut

Together, the two sources are good enough to power a portable TV for 4.8hrs, though you can connect two units together to double the runtime. The flexible solar panel sheet is developed by Fuji Electric Systems, and the internal battery can be recharged from a 12V DV input.

There's also a standard USB port for hooking up portable gadgets like cellphones. OS began shipping the GSR-110B back in January, with the device priced at 60,000 yen ($730).

[via OhGizmo]