Original Apple sneakers just sold for nearly $10k

This week a pair of original Apple sneakers sold for just under 10-THOUSAND dollars. Given the relative rarity of these shoes, their notable history, and the fact that they've only come up for sale a few times in the last decade, the price isn't too far off what was expected. Compare this price to what's fetched for a pair of Back to the Future Nike Air MAG shoes, and you might be surprised how affordable these Apple sneakers ended up being.

In June of 2017, a pair of Nike Air MAG (Back to the Future) deadstock sneakers sold for just over $8,000 USD at auction with Heritage Auctions. This is the same auction house that sold the most recently up-for-bid pair of Apple Computer Sneakers. In November of 2017, another pair of MAGs sold for over $20k – a slightly different iteration sold in June of 2017 for $44k.

A pair of Nike MAG shoes sold in April of 2019 for exactly thirty thousand dollars. The next-most expensive set of sneakers sold at auction in Heritage Auctions' history were a pair of ADIDAS / Pharell Williams Hu NMD Pharrell Friends & Family sneaker set from 2016. These sneakers were sold with a charity benefitting from the profits (The Lung Transplant Project).

This pair of sneakers was a special release – friends and family only – adorned with Japanese characters for FRIENDS and FAMILY. These sneakers were signed and inscribed by Pharrell, too. They sold for just over $7k.

It's the cross-branding that does it. The cross-over between two major labels, personalities, brands. When one world-changing piece of history is inextricably (or unbelievably) tied to another in a single physical object, that object can be priceless.

For more information on the Apple sneakers, take a peek at our Apple sneakers retrospective and gain some knowledge! You'll never guess who Apple worked with to get these sneakers manufactured... hint: it was Reebok.