Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego Announced for Facebook

Oh joy of joys! There goes my productivity down the drain. Blue Fang Games has just announced two secret projects they'll be releasing on Facebook soon: Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail. These games are both timeless and branded so hard it's a rare occasion to meet anyone who grew up in the United States between 1971 and now that doesn't know of their existence. And you know what else? Oregon Trail is 40 this year. Fourty years of broken axels, forging rivers, and dysentery. Joy!

An odd thing about this news is that it was announced earlier than today – take a peek at this City Pages article from last week, mostly about the creators of the original game (Minnesotans all,) with a tiny note near the end about how the game will be joining Facebook soon. Today the news clip comes from Darius Kazemi, Lead Analyst at Blue Fang Games, a group of developers that's working with The Learning Company to produce both Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego for Facebook. Oregon Trail will be released February 2nd, and Carmen Sandiego will be released February 9th.

Take a look at the trailers for both below:

[Via Games.com]