Orbita Freestyle: squeezable compass-enabled 3D mouse

No, not a bidet, this is actually Cyber E Sport's Orbita Freestyle mouse, a puck-shaped wireless mouse that uses an internal compass to orient itself.  Completely free-rotating, the mouse is pressed down for a left-click and its silicone sides squeezed for a right-click; it can also be used as one big scroll wheel or jog dial for whipping down internet pages or in editing video.Video of the Orbital Freestyle in action after the cut

There's no standard orientation; when you first use the Orbital Freestyle you calibrate an internal compass which always knows which way is "up".  A wired base-station is provided to recharge the battery, it's accurate to 800DPI and recognizes movement in 3D.

Both Windows and Mac drivers are available.  It begins shipping in January, priced at $98.50; our only concern is this rather mixed review

[via Mac4Ever]