Orb PC audio system pairs tiny speakers & audiophile amp

Home entertainment manufacturer Orb have been producing their hand-crafted, bubble-like speakers since 2002, but the company have just got around to pushing out a system intended for computer use.  Equally at home as a stereo (or 2.1) TV speaker system (or pumping out music from your iPhone), the system pairs two Orb Mod1 or Mod2 speakers with a compact 15W Class T Amplifier by OPI Audio.

The Mod1 speakers are Orb's standard units, while the Mod2 doubles up on each side of the stereo pair with two balls on a neat desk-stand.  Each Mod1 stands around as tall as an upright CD, and Orb also offer two different subwoofers for those wanting more bass.

The basic Mod1 system – complete with amp – comes in at $299, or $359 if you want polished steel, antique copper or antique bronze finish speakers.  Upgrading to Mod2 speakers adds $149 or $209 respectively, while the two subwoofers add $299 or $598 respectively.  They're all available now.