Orange UK iPhone 3GS landing November 10th

Orange UK will begin selling the iPhone 3GS from November 10th, according to the Guardian, the day after rival carrier O2's exclusivity agreement with Apple expires.  The launch will see two UK networks offering the smartphone in the run up to the holiday period, and while you might be tempted to think that anybody who wants an iPhone probably already has one, Orange have apparently had 200,000 people register their interest in the handset already.

That's despite the fact that Orange have not yet confirmed their pricing for the handset, nor which tariffs they'll be offering to subscribers.  Despite hopes that the competition might drive down both the initial cost of the iPhone 3GS and the ongoing tariff costs, Orange execs have said that they'll instead be looking to increase "value" of their version by including accessories and possibly pre-installing applications.

While that might differentiate it from O2's model, the competition is set to heat up even further in early 2010, when Vodafone UK will begin offering their version of the iPhone 3GS.  Meanwhile 3 UK are said to be interested in selling the Apple handset in 2010 too.

[via Twitter]