Orange LG GD910 watch phone gets video call demo

You can't accuse UK carrier Orange of under-promoting the upcoming LG GD910 watch phone; the wrist-worn video phone isn't expected to hit shelves until August, but they've released a demo clip of the device in action.  Nothing groundbreaking is on show, but it's still impressive to see a two-way video call on such a small handset.Video demo after the cut

Of course, the question we really want answered is how much the GD910 will cost when it launches.  Early tips have consistently hovered around the £1,000 ($1,623) mark on an unsubsidized pre-pay contract, which instantly puts the GD910 out of reach of most would-be buyers.  We've also heard talk that LG have limited supplies of the watch phone, lending it even more exclusivity.

Known specifications for the GD910 include a 1.43-inch capacitive touchscreen, 3G, Bluetooth and a front-facing video camera that you can see demonstrated in the clip below.  We're hoping to have more information on the watch phone soon.

[via coolsmartphone]