Optrix HD Sport iPhone mount allows fearless death drops

The near infinite amount of iPhone cases and mounts in the market today for the iPhone 4 / 4S model family can only be cut through with the most unique of designs – thusly a concept like the Optrix HD Sport Mount must be fantastic to get coverage, yes? Not necessarily, but one thing does stand out on this combination helmet mount and safety case: it says it can protect your iPhone in addition to letting you film yourself doing a backflip on your bike as filmed from your forehead. There's a video of the product in high action, too!

One of the most enticing videos to be made for mobile products as a whole is and always had been the drop test. When you've got a device that's got the ability to run fantastically intricate processes at high definition and in such a tiny bit of hardware you must assume it's fragile, it's always the best to see people try to trash it. That's why Optrix got smart, showing off how even when the mount is tossed out of a window or ran over by a truck, your iPhone remains safe and functional.

You can purchase this magical product over at Optrix.com for the low low price of $89.99, and that includes the case and the mount. They've got a whole ecosystem of support over there too to keep you up on your abilities with this product, of course, and your iPhone 4, your iPhone 4S, and your iPod Touch will thank you once you've got it. It's rugged and oh so lovely.

Have a peek at another video produced with an iPhone 4S filming inside this case mount for an impressive high five of a demo. Then pick one up, of course.