Optoma DLP Pico-Projector to launch later in 2008

Optoma have announced their latest pico-projector, a cellphone-sized portable presentation device that is the first to use the DLP Pico chipset.  The company has been pretty coy with details – projected size, for instance, is quoted as "up to 100 times larger" than the 2 to 3-inch display on the source device – and aside from what we can glean from the images the connections it uses are similarly vague.

What we do know is that the Pico Projector uses an LED backlight and is obviously going to be battery powered.  The picture shows what looks to be a mini-jack labelled "AV IN" on one side, and seemingly a microUSB port on the other.  Optics are provided by Texas Instruments.

It'll be available first in Europe and Asia, with "limited distribution" late in 2008, before a worldwide launch in 2009.  No suggestion on price as yet.