Optimus, wherefore art thou?

It's a roller-coaster world, the crazy keyboard business.  Who would've thought it could be so topsy-turvy; thank sweet Nancy Reagan for Art Lebedev and his Optimus project, as close to a soap opera in tech-land as you can get.  It turns out that, after a modicum of positive press at the news that they'd finally decided on an OLED supplier, key layout and rough delivery timetable, now their supplier "has some serious financial troubles" and they're back to searching the back streets and alleyways for an alternative.

Still, you get nowhere in this world without being gung-ho, and so they're carrying on making the keyboard chassis while a crack team of OLED-scouts trawls for fresh supplies.  Estimated delivery has, inevitably, fallen to December, though I wouldn't organise your life around that if I were you.

Bad News and Good News [Optimus Project]