Optimus gets new name, new price, same old delays - Updated with more pics

Oh, for crap's sake!  Optimus, you disappoint me.  After promising – yes, promising – to have a working OLED keyboard prototype at CeBIT, Optimus are practising their back-peddling and saying that it's not ready yet.  What they have been able to bring along is a new price - up from $1,200 to $1,490 – and news of how exactly they're going to make those keys replaceable.  Apparently rather than the OLED display moving, it's the transparent key-cap on top of it that somehow slides around; that's how they'll be able to sell you replacements for a mere $10 each.

They've changed the name, too, and have obviously been reading The Big Book of Distract the Consumer; it'll no longer be called the 103, but instead the Optimus Maximus.  Seems inevitable that such a title will only draw attention to the maximus-pricimus.

Edit: More official photos after the cut... including the return of the left-side key panel!

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Images from Optimus Project

Delivery is in November/December, but before you start preordering you should know that the OLED displays have an expected lifespan of just five years.

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