Optimus Popularis: thinner, faster & simpler than Maximus

Chris Davies - Jun 7, 2010
Optimus Popularis: thinner, faster & simpler than Maximus

Art Lebedev Studios are slowly dripping out details on their second-generation keyboard, the Optimus Popularis, and they’re certainly hitting the keywords we geeks love to hear.  The keyboard – which will have displays for keys – will be thinner, faster and simpler for less money than its Maximus predecessor, though considering that costs around $1,600 “less” is a relative term.

Interestingly, this new side-profile render the company has released shows a 2010 date for the Popularis, while Art Lebedev Studios have previously tipped a 2011 release.  The company expects production to begin sometime later this year – using an as-yet unspecified key-screen technology, which we only know won’t be OLED – so that’s likely the root of the date discrepancy.

As for pricing, back when the Popularis was first vaunted there was talk of a sub-$1,000 tag for the keyboard, which is certainly cheaper than the Maximus though not exactly affordable for a PC peripheral.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for new renders and details.

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