Optimus Minimus swaps OLED for glue-based custom keyboard

Chris Davies - Sep 15, 2008
Optimus Minimus swaps OLED for glue-based custom keyboard

I’m not entirely sure if this is meant to be some late (or early) April Fools joke, but Optimus – the company behind the Maximus OLED keyboard – are apparently set to release the Optimus Minimus, a very low-tech version of customizable keys.  Basically a number of sheets of stickers, Minimus will be available in Latin, Cyrillic and Photoshop layouts.

Although pictured on top of a Maximus keyboard, the product seems to be intended for anyone who wants to customize their ‘board layout but can’t afford the somewhat extravagant $1,200 price.  While cheaper, however, you lose quite a lot of flexibility: Maximus owners can create their own custom layouts and switch between them at the push of a button, while Minimus owners will need to use a fingernail to peal off the stickers and replace them. 

Frankly this seems like a gimmick, and if there’s a big joke then I’m obviously missing it.  Feel free to illuminate me in the comments!

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