Optimus Maximus finds new hardware supplier with better screens

Chris Davies - Apr 24, 2007, 4:07pm CDT

What’s that, good news coming from the guys and gals over at Art Lebedev Studios?  Sometimes it feels like you’re tempting fate just mentioning the Optimus keyboard; much like in Peter Pan where just saying “I don’t believe in fairies” kills one of the little flutterers, any positive mention of the keyboard-of-screens results in a dead OLED supplier. 

After their original partner went bust, they’ve finally cut a deal with an alternative provider who have even bested the initial specs.  Now each key will have a 10.1mm viewable area, with no increase in physical size, and a higher resolution of 48 x 48 pixels (instead of 32 x 32).

I just hope that by posting this I haven’t inadvertently ruined another OLED company…

Optimus Maximus OLED News [Optimus Blog]

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