Optimus... is that a real picture, for once?

Okay, so it's the second Optimus post of the day, but the news about the infamous OLED keyboard dribbles out like milk through an old man's beard.  Latest is what would appear to be a photo of the beast itself – unless Art Lebedev's boys have got a whole lot better at their Photoshop rendering – complete with bevelled keys.  These are apparently necessary since each 2x2cm key nestles up pretty close to its neighbours, so the notching gives back that all-important 4mm distance between keytops.

Also of note is a name-change.  What once was the 113 became the 103 (with the loss of the left side function pad), and now thanks to all the swapping and shuffling they're changing it again.  If the title of their latest blog post is to be believed then it's still some number in the hundreds; a lot of people were disappointed by the dropped keys, so I imagine they'll be hoping for some sort of dedicated app-feature panel.  We'll have to wait until CeBIT day one to find out its new identity (and hopefully the price, too – I need to find out how much to auction my left lung for).

Optimus-1xx [Optimus Project]