Optimus actually put together their OLED keyboard

Good grief, is this an actual, real-life, not-a-render photo of Optimus' Maximus "each key an OLED" keyboard?  Pieced together to show the difference between the tinted clear key-caps (e.g. the non-single-sized keys in this photo) and the untinted keys (all the single keys), it has the honour of being the first ever working prototype we've seen.Click here for the full-sized image


The Maximus – wildly hyped on its launch – has suffered all the usual taunts of "vaporware!" and cricism as it gradually fell behind schedule, experienced delays and generally disappointed people with higher-than-expected prices and mock-ups that couldn't match the glossy renders we were all initially shown.

How close it is to actually hitting shelves on the predicted November 30th date is still uncertain, but it's good to see that something is happening round at Art Lebedev studios.

Optimus Maximus tinted keycaps [Ocriticismptimus Project Blog]