Optimus 103 to cost $1,200 – geeks squeal WTF?!

Chris Davies - Nov 29, 2006

Oh dear.  Oh dear oh dear.  Do I hear the noise of thousands of geek wallets snapping shut?  Yes, friends and twinkly loved-ones, Optimus have announced (ahead of schedule, mind) pre-order prices for their 103 screen-key keyboard.  After the news that the keys will not, at least at first, be colour, now comes the jaw-dropping revelation that it’ll cost $1,200 come December 12th.  The pre-ordered keyboards, limited in number to 103, will be delivered May 2007; they then hope to have a second pre-order phase at the $1000 mark, for delivery in September 2007.

Considering this was introduced as coming in at “similar to the price of a high-end cellphone”, this is a disappointment.  Is anybody considering putting in an order?  And just what “greater price” will the colour screen keyboard command?

More! More! [Optimus Project Blog]

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