Oppo To Develop Blu-Ray Player, Awesome

Oppo Digital, primarily known for delivering high quality and affordable region-free universal player (with a hack), has finally decided to develop a Blu-Ray player. The company policy on Hi-def player has been neutral throughout the Format War. Now that the coast is clear, Oppo fan should be happy to learn that a region-free, 7.1 channels out, SACD via DSD, DVD-A playback on a Blu-Ray player may not longer a dream.

It's still in the early development cycle according to Tom from dbstalk, but the company has signed technology agreements and started to work on feature set of the unit, with more details to be disclosed this summer. I'm psyched to learn about the news, and soon I should be able to replace my oppo 980 and PS3 with the new Oppo.

[update : Oppo Blu-ray player BDP-83 at Cedia ]

[via engadgethd]