More Update on Oppo Blu-ray player BDP-83

Daniel Lim - Sep 8, 2008

The Av squad at Gizmodo has tracked down and confirmed a few features from the manufacturer. The hardware image posted last week has stirred up the interests among Blu-ray fans, and many are second guessing the features based on the printed logo. So here they are – BDP-83 features Anchor Bay video processor as featured in latest DVDO-EDGE with ABT2010 chipset, integrated IR, supports SACD, bitstearm all HD audio codec with 7.1 analogue outputs and profile 2.0

DVD-A is still in the work and only core DD and DTS internal decoding are supported for now. Other HD decoding formats will be updated in the future. Pricing and availability is this coming winter around $499-$699. If you have an AVR or AV processor that’s able to decode HD audio codecs via bitstream, the internal decoder featured on Oppo is not a concern. I think the price and features are rather attractive, finalize the DVD-A and we have a winner. Will you get one with that price? I would.

A short introduction of OPPO player is featured at the near end of the video below.
[image source avsforum]

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