Opower Facebook home energy competition gets green

Chris Burns - Apr 3, 2012
Opower Facebook home energy competition gets green

This week if you start seeing energy readings popping up on Facebook, you should know that it’s alright- it’s just green people working with Opower. The Opower group works with utility groups around the world to attempt to make world citizens more conscious about the amount of power they use on a daily basis. What they’ve done here is to work with Facebook apps to create a competition amongst friends to see who can attain the lowest power used in a single period – are you up for the challenge?

There’s something to be said about the competitive spirit that exists in each of the so-called Green People amongst us looking to push their beliefs on the rest of the world. Living with less power is something one whole heck of a lot of the citizens of the United States could do, that’s for certain, but what the Facebook app that’s gaining traction this week aims to do is bring the whole world up to speed.

You’ll be entering a bit of information on your home and actually connecting with your energy bills to do this competition, so we’re not expecting everyone to be 100% comfortable with doing it. That said, it does appear that users wont be revealing anything other than the amount of power they use, not how much it costs.

In addition to attempting to defeat your neighbors in this competition, you’ll be checking out “Ways to Save” with a helpful Opower guide, you can compare with the rest of the people in your area, and you can connect to other Opower services. Get green right this instant! Check out the Opower Facebook connection page for more info!

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