Oooooh shiny-the I Light Speaker

Like your speakers nice and shiny? Well then instead of wrapping your current speakers in aluminum foil you can buy the I Light Speaker. I like shiny things as much as the next gal, I even have a purple lava lamp on my desk. However, while I'm trying to concentrate at my desk I don't want something pulsing with the beat of the music. I know some people really enjoy this, but I am one of those easily distracted types.

I initially really loved the overall shape and color of these speakers, but the strobe light effect would annoy me more than anything. If you are better at concentrating than I am just plug the included cable into the headphone jack of your MP3/CD player. It features one speaker on the top and one on the bottom and is fairly light weight.

The quality of the speakers is supposed to be high and is extremely portable. These speakers are priced at $62.91 and you can be entertained for hours.

I Light Speaker [via shiny shiny]