Ooma Telo Air Hands-On [Video]

Ooma has been pushing its Ooma Telo VoIP adapter for some time now, promising free US calls and cut-price international rates, and now the base-station has received some home-friendly accessories to help snip through the ethernet cable. The new Ooma Telo Air wireless adapter is, as the name suggests, a WiFi dongle that gives you more freedom to place the main unit away from your router, while the Ooma Bluetooth option is getting extended to all users. Check out our hands-on after the cut.

The Air wireless adapter is pretty straightforward: slot the posable dongle into the USB port on the back of the Ooma Telo box and hook up to your home or office network without a cable. You can also repurpose the Ooma Telo as a wireless bridge, sharing a WiFi b/g/n signal to allow other gadgets online.

Ooma Telo Air and Ooma Blutooth:

[vms 1056eadbf798ba191272]

As for the Ooma Bluetooth, that basically turns your Ooma Telo into a central hub for up to seven Bluetooth-enabled cellphones. When your cellphone rings, Ooma Telo automatically transfers the call to whatever phones it has hooked up, meaning you can answer mobile calls even if the handset itself is in your bag or pocket.

The Ooma Tel Air wireless adapter is available now for $49.99, while the Ooma Bluetooth is priced at $29.99.