Onyx Boox 60 eReader hits US with Dulin's Books

Back in May 2009 the Boox eReader was first spied on video. The thing has a 6-inch screen and at the time wasn't available in the US. If you are looking for another alternative in the ever growing eReader market, you will soon have it.

The Boox eReader is now confirmed to be coming to the US via a company called Dulin's Books. The device won't sport integrated 3G connectivity, but it will have other features we expect in an eReader today.

The device will have an SD card expansion slot, Vizplex e-ink display, a 532MHz processor, 512MB of memory, 1600 mAh battery, and a big price tag. The thing will reportedly sell for $349, which makes it more than the Kindle and Nook that have better features. I predict fail.