OnStar FMV mirror up for pre-order at Best Buy

Back in March OnStar announced that it had changed the name of its add-on mirror for all vehicles to OnStar FMV or For My Vehicle. I had expected to see that mirror on the market already honestly. If you like the idea of OnStar in your car that didn't come with the feature from the manufacturer you can now pre-order the FMV mirror at Best Buy stores around the country.

The price for the FMV mirror will be $299.99 plus another $75 for installation. Once the mirror is installed, you will need a service plan from On Star for the mirror to work. The service starts at $18.95 a month or $199 for a year. The mirror will be able to be installed at 1,000 different Best Buy locations after purchased. The mirror has most of the same features as the integrated OnStar system offers in various GM vehicles.

The mirror will automatically dial 911 if you have an accident using the integrated accelerometer inside the FMV mirror and GPS capability inside the mirror. The mirror will also provide turn-by-turn driving directions and hands-free calling via OnStar or a Bluetooth connection to your phone using an external mic. This would be the full package if On Star had integrated the ability to open garage doors too.