OnStar retail product changes names and gets upgrade

Back in January OnStar broke free from GM's excusive grip and offered up a retail product that will allow anyone to put OnStar into their vehicles. The add-on service is a mirror for most vehicles that was called OnStar addOn. The product has been updated and has been given a new and name for the retail market.

The onStar mirror is now called OnStar FMR or For My Vehicle. The mirror will land this summer and will sell for $299. Other than a new name, OnStar has changed the hardware inside the mirror for better sound quality. A new microphone was crammed inside that makes for best-in-class voice quality.

OnStar says that the new mic is now as good as the best hands free speaker phones on the market today. The OnStar FMV mirror will still provide the navigation services and security services that made the service famous in GM vehicles for so many years. The hands free calling with the FMV mirror can be done with OnStar service or with connectivity to the user's phone via Bluetooth.