OnPar golfing GPS launches next month

Savant GPS have announced their OnPar rangefinder, a GPS device specifically tailored to the needs of golfers.  Fitted with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, the OnPar can store up to 300 golf courses with no membership fees or course map fees, track performance and even suggest clubs depending on your past shot and yardage history.

Other features include a dynamic hole layout display, instant distance measurement (including remaining distance to the green), personalized club averages, and simple score and shot tracking.  Savant look likely to beat Garmin's own golf GPS device, the Approach G5, to the market.

The OnPar GPS rangefinder will go on sale in February, and be demonstrated at the PGA Merchandise Show in Florida.  No word on pricing as yet.

Press Release:

Savant GPS, LLC will unveil OnPar, its revolutionary new touch screen GPS rangefinder, at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. OnPar is the first hand held color touch screen GPS rangefinder designed specifically to provide golfers the ultimate user experience. It's like having a professional caddy at your fingertips.

OnPar is the first GPS rangefinder with a dynamic hole layout display and GPS positioning that provides instant distances to anywhere and remaining distance to the green, personalized club averages, and simple score and shot tracking. And, it does it all with true one-touch operation.

OnPar incorporates traditional golf information, the latest GPS technology, rich graphics, and a number of unique features that truly help golfers manage their game. OnPar's 3.5" high resolution touch screen display makes it easy to read, even in direct sunlight. All these features combined create a unique GPS rangefinder that is unequaled in golf.

Brian York, OnPar President and CEO stated, "We took a fresh approach to golf GPS rangefinders, incorporating intuitive touch screen technology and unrivaled useful features to elevate the user experience."

View it

One-touch distance measurements from tee to green.

Track it

Track your stats and get club suggestions based on your shot and yardage history.

Know it

Interactive and intuitive device to help you manage your round, view shot and yardage history.

OnPar will store up to 300 golf courses with no membership fees or course map fees.

OnPar will be available to consumers in early February, 2009 and may be purchased at select specialty golf retail stores, sporting goods stores, online golf retail outlets, golf course pro shops, and through the OnPar website (www.OnParGPS.com).

See it first. Savant GPS, LLC is showcasing this revolutionary device at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 29-31, 2009. OnPar(R) will be located in the equipment section, booth # 2323.

[via GPS Tracklog]