Only 64 JooJoo tablets sold?

Fusion Garage's JooJoo tablet wasn't exactly the storming success the company might have hoped for, and finally shipping only days in advance of the iPad going on sale certainly didn't help matters.  So just how many JooJoo tablets were sold?  Going by a shoddily constructed email that looks to have gone out to all of the company's customers, the total could be just 64.

UneasySilence got their hands on a Fusion Garage email asking customers for feedback on the tablet, but the support staff responsible for writing it used the "To:" field rather than the "BCC:" one.  That mean that all the owners could see each other's addresses (blanked out for privacy's sake in the image above) and, more importantly, they could be counted.

The grand total is 64, which – if that's the sum total of JooJoo sales – would make for a particularly depressing launch.  Of course, this could only be a partial list, but UneasySilence say they've had separate confirmation from another tipster that the figure is accurate.

[via Twitter]