OnLive UK launch September 22 with 100+ streaming games

OnLive has announced that it will be launching its UK streaming gaming service on September 22, with a 100+ line-up of titles on offer from day one. Available for HDTV, PC, Mac, and iPad and Android tablet play, the new UK service will be fully connected with the existing US service, allowing gamers in both countries to take each other on in multiplayer titles with complete voice chat support.

As in the US, both pay-per-play, outright purchase and the OnLive PlayPack Bundle – which gives unlimited access to over 70 of the titles the service offers – will be available. Pricing is yet to be confirmed at this stage, either for the games or the Micro Console itself; in the US, the console hardware is $99 with further wireless controllers at $49.

The release is also likely to see HTC enable OnLive gaming on its high-end devices, such as the HTC Flyer. While the Flyer launched in the UK before it made its US debut, so far UK gamers haven't been able to take advantage of HTC's $40m investment in the games service since it was US-only. It's not just the Flyer, however; OnLive has generic Android tablet and iPad apps too.

Those attending the Eurogamer Expo may be able to grab one of the "thousands" of free OnLive Micro Consoles the company plans to distribute at the show. Everyone else can sign up for priority access here.