Onkyo GKW-2.1HD budget home theatre starter-kit

Onkyo are set to release a new home entertainment system that seems to be aimed at people unsure whether they want extra wires and rear speakers.  The GKW-2.1HD consists of two 30W front stereo speakers, a 60W subwoofer and control unit, and a remote.  Out of the box it supports 2.1HD audio, but add a few extra speakers and you'll have a full 5.1-channel surround sound setup.

Connectivity is primarily via HDMI 1.3, with two inputs and a single output.  There are also connections for adding in the extra surround speakers.  The GKW-2.1HD is compatible with Dolby NR TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, and uses 24-bit/192kHz DACs.

Onkyo expect it to hit shelves on June 21st.  It'll be priced at around €330 ($509).

[via Akihabara]