Onewheel Pint is a smaller, more affordable one-wheeled skateboard

A relatively compact one-wheeled electric-powered skateboard was revealed today with the name Onewheel Pint. This isn't the first time a personal electric vehicle of this sort's ever been made – it's a sort of refinement of the concept. Like we're a couple iterations in to the idea, and we're getting closer to the sweet spot for size, weight, and cost.

You lean forward and the Pint moves forward, you lean back and the Pint slows down to a stop. This device costs $950, where its predecessor costs approximately $1,800 (they list it as $1,799). The more expensive device has 12-18-mile range and a top speed of 19mph. The less expensive device, the Pint, has a range of 6-8-miles and a top speed of 16mph.

The Onewheel company has a whole bunch of hype behind this project that they're going to use to reel you in for a buy. The things that'll make you feel like buying this near-one-thousand-dollar skateboard are some of the most basic bits and pieces, bonuses you've likely seen with crowdfunding projects – even though this isn't a crowdfunding project as such.

The device is shipped free, and they're going to make it seem affordable by working with the group "Klarna" to separate the cost into payments of $59 a month until the device is payed off. The Pint has a "first 48 hours" order deal where you "get it first" and get a "Pint Social Club exclusive rail etch" and a "Pint Dad Hat."

Those users that buy in the first 48 hours here after announcement also get a "Limited Edition Sage colorway" and an entry into a contest. The contest will potentially get you a Onewheel+ XR – a larger, more powerful one-wheeled vehicle of a similar sort. Also you get a free fender, which would normally cost $75 USD.

It's cheaper than the previous device made by the same company, and it's able to roll on the sidewalk. It's not the only device of this sort – but it's part of a company recognized for making a quality product.