OnePlus stops preloading Facebook and other apps on its smartphones

Satsuki Then - Oct 15, 2020, 6:26am CDT
OnePlus stops preloading Facebook and other apps on its smartphones

OnePlus has done something that lots of smartphone users out there who are interested in social media and want a less bloat-filled device will appreciate. The smartphone maker has stopped preloading Facebook, Facebook services, Instagram, and Messenger apps on its new smartphones. The first device to ship without these apps preinstalled is reportedly the OnePlus 8T (pictured).

Input says that a spokesperson from OnePlus reached out to confirm that new phones won’t come preinstalled with Facebook-owned apps and services. The company began pre-installing Facebook software on new devices with the OnePlus Nord. Users can always uninstall Facebook apps on OnePlus smartphones, but users can only disable services like Facebook Application Manager, Facebook Installer, and Facebook Notification Service.

One of the most annoying things for users who spend money on a new smartphone and don’t want to use preinstalled apps is not being able to completely uninstall them to regain the storage space they paid for. On the 8T, the only preinstalled app from a third party is Netflix.

Input says that it wrote an op-ed, and the company spokesperson said it made its way to the top, and the company heard the outcry from users leading them to change their minds on preinstalling Facebook apps. OnePlus is a trusted brand for many Android fans, which cannot be said for all Chinese-based smartphone manufacturers.

One thing of note is that OnePlus said it won’t preinstall Facebook apps and services for the foreseeable future but wouldn’t commit to forever stopping the act. OnePlus gave no indication it would make changes to allow owners of older devices to uninstall Facebook services. An anonymous source told Input that there’s no user-facing toggle or switch to remove Facebook services because doing so could disrupt the user’s experience.

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