OnePlus sells iPhone cases with a dash of snark [UPDATE]

Wait a second, you might be saying, isn't OnePlus the company that sells that one Android phone? Yes, yes they are that one company. But now they've decided to start selling iPhone cases as well. They'd doing so with their own unique "Sandstone" backing in place – the material they've got on their main device, the OnePlus 2. In their listing of this case, they make sure to drive home the point that you're not buying a fancy new OnePlus device, you're just trying to hide the fact that you've purchased an iPhone instead.

They drive this point home with the sentence "The OnePlus Sandstone case for iPhone will not magically solve all your problems." Because, clearly, according to OnePlus, when you're using an iPhone, you'll have problems.

They go on to note that this case has "a sturdy polycarbonate construction that adds both protection and grippiness, plus it feels good."

The real secret of this case is the contents of the box it comes in. Every box includes a case, yes, but also an invitation to purchase a OnePlus X device. They suggest that this will be "no regular invite."

They suggest that "it could be a limited edition Ceramic invite." They suggest it could, if you're super lucky, be "a free device."

"Make sure to claim it to see if you got lucky," they add.

UPDATE: The following text has been posted to OnePlus regarding the case.

So what's this case really all about? Selling you on the OnePlus brand. It should be pretty clear. You can find these cases at the OnePlus homepage now. They'll cost you $20 USD.