OnePlus Nord N100 may have a 90Hz screen after all

OnePlus made a name for itself with its "Never Settle" slogan, referring to its promise to bring top-notch features that its bigger competitors offer at a much higher price. Of late, that included the now common trend of giving smartphones screens with fast refresh rates, from 90Hz to 120Hz to even 144Hz. Last year, OnePlus committed to make that feature a staple on all its future smartphones but now it seems it has briefly flip-flopped when it came to its super affordable OnePlus Nord N100.

OnePlus gave the marketing name "Fluid Display" to its screens that support refresh rates of 90Hz or higher. When it launched the OnePlus 7T last year, company co-founder and former executive Carl Pei boasted that all OnePlus phones moving forward would make this display a basic part of its specs. Naturally, fans were delighted.

Fast-forward a year later, it seemed that OnePlus broke its promise when announced two new OnePlus Nord phones last month. One of them, the cheaper Nord N100, was announced to have a 60Hz display, not a Fluid Display like what OnePlus publicly committed to. It would later try to clarify that its Fluid Display promise applied only to a specific line of phones since the OnePlus Nord didn't even exist back then.

Apparently, the company may have just been confused and tried to make an erroneous justification for it. Android Authority reports that their UK review unit actually reported having a 90Hz refresh rate. OnePlus did confirm it and just left it at that, without any explanation for the previous misleading statements.

The site also notes that the OnePlus Nord N100 is pretty much a rebranded OPPO A53, which may sound disappointing to OnePlus purists. It does confirm the ties between the two companies, though, and at least gives the assurance that since the OPPO A53 does have a 90Hz screen, so does the OnePlus Nord N100.