OnePlus 8 5G: on Verizon at last?

A new OnePlus launcher release was analyzed this week by intrepid software developers who discovered some interesting clues about the company's future. Inside the code for this launcher app were found several references to Verizon-specific OnePlus devices. One appeared with the code name "OnePlus8VZW" – which could mean more than one thing, but it appeared just before "OnePlus8TMO" – which pretty much seals the deal. OnePlus devices have worked with Verizon in the past, but they've not yet seen a release with a device literally stocked on Verizon store shelves (online and/or in brick and mortar stores). The time appears to be nigh!

OnePlus Launcher 4.3.3 appeared in a pair of posts on XDA Developers blog today, investigating the ins and outs of this new bit of software, turning up several interesting features. One of these features was regarding NFC-activated wallpapers.

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This NFC-centric wallpaper customization will likely be limited (at first) to the OnePlus 8 smartphone series. From what we're able to see so far, it seems that there's no real hardware/software element that'd make the functionality unable to be performed by earlier OnePlus phones, but it'll probably be a promotional sort of bonus for new OnePlus 8 users right out the gate.

Another feature discovered by XDA Developers researchers showed that the next OnePlus device will almost certainly have an AMOLED display of some sort. This follows along fine with what we've seen from OnePlus in the past – but it's nice to know an important detail like this in advance anyway.

The OnePlus launcher shows an "AMOLED black theme" in its Shelf section. This feature is joined by a new "Hide icon labels" option. This launcher's getting LIT. This version of the launcher can be found in the Google Play app store now for OnePlus 6, 6T, 7, 7 Pro, 7T, and 7T Pro. We'll see more soon!