OnePlus 7 Pro phantom touch issue to be exorcised really soon now

Not too long ago, there was sort of a running joke on how long before OnePlus manages to mess up an otherwise successful launch. Sometimes that has something to do with the way it managed orders, other times it's about technical issues with the phone discovered only after it has shipped. For the OnePlus 7 Pro, it was the latter, causing some of the company's biggest fans to call it out over their gripes. To its credit, OnePlus seems to be moving as fast as it can to chase down bugs, especially the ones that you can't see.

If the OnePlus 7 Pro can be distilled into its selling points, two would rise to the top. And, no, this time it's not the price. The first would be its camera, which was highly rated but now also highly questioned. The second is its 90 Hz screen some have reported are seemingly possessed with a mind, or a finger, of its own.

Users have reported at least two and amusingly opposite problems with the OnePlus 7 Pro touch screen. The first is the phantom or ghost issue where the phone would register taps in third-party apps where there was none. The second is the exact opposite, where users complained about a lack of touch responsiveness at the corners of the screen.

OnePlus tells the Verge that their team worked hard to pin down the bugs and squash them. The fixes will be available in a software update but OnePlus doesn't give any timeline other than "in the upcoming weeks". Unsurprisingly, it also claimed the reports were limited, suggesting it isn't that big a deal for most happy and content OnePlus 7 Pro owners.

This isn't OnePlus' first problem with screens. In fact, almost every OnePlus phone launched came with some problem. Fortunately, most of these weren't hardware issue and could be fixed with firmware updates though one is always left wondering how those got through QA in the first place.