OnePlus 7 Pro gets first post-launch update to address some issues

JC Torres - May 26, 2019, 8:58pm CDT
OnePlus 7 Pro gets first post-launch update to address some issues

OnePlus seemed to have pulled out all the marketing stops when it launched the OnePlus 7 Pro last week, getting benchmarking sites to publish their reviews on day one. That set a high bar of expectation for the phone and, unfortunately, it seems to be coming up short of those expectations. The phone has been swamped with complaints, especially for its cameras. While this latest update doesn’t address the biggest ones, it at least paints the picture of a company that’s quick to roll out fixes.

The list of fixes that OnePlus posted over at its forums might be a tad shorter than what OnePlus 7 Pro owners would have hoped. It mentions optimizing the Double Tap to Wake gesture and fixing Bluetooth audio delay when playing games. For those more interested in the camera-related fixes, this is their list.

– Improved image quality in HDR scenarios
– Improved image quality in low light
– Fixed white balance issue in several scenarios
– Fixed focus issue in several scenarios

It doesn’t yet mention the pain points new owners have been shouting about regarding the quality of the photos, even in well-lit environments. Some who have already received the update claim that the improvement is detectable but not as one would expect from DxOMark’s glowing review. As for the issue with the 3x telephoto zoom, OnePlus already has an answer for that which can be summarized as “it works as intended”.

The update also doesn’t mention the other major bugs that OnePlus itself acknowledged to plague its phones, including ghost touches. Suffice it to say, OnePlus 7 Pro owners are rather up in arms about the quality of the phone not simply because some aspects, like camera performance, are particularly terrible. Some are more irked by how OnePlus seems to be engaging in deceptive marketing practices.

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