OnePlus 3 durability test tortures the device

We know everything we really need to know about the new OnePlus 3 smartphone that launched not too long ago. After a long spat of rumors taunted us with details the smartphone finally launched. If you are considering the purchase of the OnePlus 3, you likely want to know how durable the smartphone is and how long it will last when pitted against the rigors of daily life in your pocket. The OnePlus 3 is going through a torture test to see how easy it is to bend and scratch in the video below.

The first test is the familiar pic test that tests how hard the screen is to scratch by using pics of different harnesses until the screen scratches. The OnePlus 3 uses Gorilla Glass 4 and doesn't scratch until level six, putting it very much on par with all other smartphones. The rear camera lens is coved in glass and doesn't easily scratch.

The back scratches easily and deeply, but the smartphone is made of aluminum. The buttons, SIM card cover, and speaker grill are all made from metal and don't scratch easily. The flame test exposed the display to heat for 14 seconds and under heat formed a white spot. After heat was removed, the pixels did slowly return to normal usability.

Next up was the bend test. The screen popped up from the chassis quickly, but the smartphone didn't break. The phone also still worked after being bent so badly that the chassis had a slight permanent curve that had to be fixed by bending it the opposite way. In all the OnePlus 3 is a very robust and well-made smartphone. If you want to see how it stacks up against the Galaxy S7 in performance, check out the speed test on both devices.