OnePlus 2 gets a $40 price drop

Last month, OnePlus quietly pulled the 16GB version of their OnePlus 2 phone from their online store here in the US. While I was happy to see the small size go, it did mean that the entry price for a OnePlus 2 went up considerably. Well, just a few short weeks later, that's changing.

Today, in a surprise move, the OnePlus 2 is getting a permanent price cut. Until now, the 64GB phone has fetched a price of $389. Now, the company has dropped that to $349, bringing it almost down to the same level that the discontinued 16GB flavor was at. The price cut isn't just happening in the US. Those in the UK will find it for £249, and in other parts of Europe, it will retail for €345. Why the drop? The company stated that the production costs have been dropping, and they decided it was time to pass the savings onto the consumer.

Not content with simply discounting their flagship phone, OnePlus has announced a special Valentine's Day promotion. If you're picking up any of their phones, you can select a free StyleSwap Cover, or a OnePlus X Case to celebrate. They're also offering free standard shipping on any order that totals $100 or more, currently.

If you've recently purchased a OnePlus 2, you're probably pretty sore at the new price. Well don't get too angry just yet. If you've picked up one of the phones within the last 15 days, the company will refund you $40 in the coming days.

If the $349 price is still too much, you can also opt for the OnePlus X, which the company recently stopped requiring invitations for, last month. The 16GB OnePlus X retails for just $249 and is available in Onyx or Champagne colors.