One in Five Teens Have iPad 2, Study Says

Based on this Piper Jaffray study of the teen tech market, 37% of teenagers report they plan on buying an iPhone in the next six months. 22% already have an iPad 2. That means that one in five teenagers already has an iPad 2. That's a pretty amazing figure. The first smartphone/tablet you pick up often makes it the one you stick with over time, so this is a lot of probable life-long Apple customers coming out of this sample population of 4,500.

Right now, Apple is kicking everyone else's tail in the tablet market. They have a near-monopoly on the consumer sales. A lot of that comes from their fanatical customer base that lined up outside of stores on launch day worldwide to get their hands on the new device for themselves or for their family. None of the other players have any sales compared to what they've managed to accomplish with the iPad 2. When it comes down to it, Apple is winning this tablet war right now.

Technology moves forward like a many armed beast. Each company has the ability to shoot forward when they have the right combination of technology and talent. With the release of these new tablet PCs, we are seeing a significant shift in the way people interact with computers. Touch screens are gaining near-ubiquity, and with time, these touch screens are only going to get cheaper, lighter, faster, and more responsive.

I don't know if any other company really has anything that can knock Apple off of this early lead. As for my tablet thoughts, I'm holding off on purchasing a tablet until the next round drops this summer and fall and honestly I'm eyeing Asus's EEE121. I think it'll have more use as a well rounded computing machine. I do a lot more than read e-mail and watch Netflix on my computer and I think that this design will work better with both content consumption and content creation tasks. It's heavier, bulkier, but comes with a 1280x800 screen and a bit more processing power than any of the others with the Intel i5. I think it'll do a good job as a primary home computer, it'll even handle some full on PC games.

[via intomobile]