One game will sell "billions" in gaming upgrades: Flight Simulator

If you're looking to the Crysis Remastered release to allow the game to continue to be the go-to for jokes about gaming hardware power, get ready for a change. According to one analyst group, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) will be a catalyst for "billions" in sales of new hardware, gaming gear, and upgrades for home gaming PC builds. Could it be? Did Microsoft actually make the new go-to game of games?

Analysts at JPR ran the numbers and came to a shocking conclusion: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will be a major boon for hardware sales in the PC gaming industry. The release of this simulator will be like a historical marker in the timeline of video games and PC sales alike, if JPR's analysis is realized.

The JPR numbers, assume a sale of 2.27 million units of Flight Simulator 2020 selling "over the next three years." Estimations from JPR suggest that the next three years will also see $2.6 billion spent "on hardware with the specific intent of improving the gaming experience."

"When new flight simulators are released, the hardware to run them at max settings and performance does not even exist yet," said JPR Gaming Industry Senior Analyst Ted Pollak. "This creates a situation of constant hardware demand over the life of the title as fans chase the best experience." What better way to escape quarantine than to fly out in a virtual aircraft?

Much like racing games in the late 1990's, flight simulator games attract not only hardcore gamers, but people who'd never, ever call themselves a gamer otherwise. "A significant number of flight sim fans only play flight sim," said Pollak. "We took this into account when calculating whether the money will be spent specifically or partially because of this game."

JPR analysis suggested that in addition to the $2.6 billion spent in the next three years, "much more" cash will be spent on hardware for improving the gaming experience "over the title's complete sales cycle."

"Simulation gamers know the CPU is not easily upgraded so they pay for the best. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel's GPU offerings will also benefit as that processing is needed for high resolutions," said President of JPR, Jon Peddie. "Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other gaming PC builders are also going to see a significant sales boost from this release. As will HP and other VR headset makers with supported products."

"Of course, all the top PC component and accessory makers will also cash in on the release." Take a peek at news surrounding the release of Flight Simulator 2020 and stay tuned as we run through the updates!