One For All takes on X10 - first skirmish

Most people even slightly knowledgeable about home automation are familiar with X10, the range of plug-in adaptors that uses mains electricity cabling in your home to create a network of remotely triggerable objects. Well, universal remote kings One For All have obviously decided that they'd like a piece of the smart-home pie, if their new Generation III Kameleon remote is anything to go by.

Beyond the typical LCD touchscreen, which displays context-specific controls in an attempt to avoid the button overload found with traditional remotes, the Kameleon uses adaptors similar to X10's to operate lamps and anything else plugged in. Where it differs from the automation stalwart, however, is that rather than relying on cabling each adaptor connects over a proprietary wireless network.

So far there's no release date or even a hint of a price. The teasing swines.

One For All remote to control your lights [Pocket-lint]