One Dodge Dealership buys 99% of 2017 Viper production run

Shane McGlaun - Oct 7, 2016, 8:00 am CDT
One Dodge Dealership buys 99% of 2017 Viper production run

One of the coolest cars that an American automaker has ever built is the Dodge Viper. This car has been brutally impractical since the day it first rolled onto the scene decades ago and we love it for that fact. The latest version of the Viper is very impressive and the 2016 Viper ACR with its massive aero holding a slew of track records around the country.

2017 will be the end of the road for the Viper and one dealership has bought up almost the entire production run of 2017 Viper cars. That dealership is Gerry Wood Dodge. The cynic in most of us might assume that the reason the dealership purchased 99% of the 2017 Viper production run might be to gouge buyers on the price.

After all, if you want the last version of the Viper, you will end up having to buy at Gerry Wood Dodge since they have the last 135 Vipers being made. However, the dealership is quick to point out that it doesn’t mark up cars over MSRP. That means you won’t get any discounts on your final Viper, but you won’t pay thousands in markups either.

To make things even cooler, the dealership put together a team of folks to go through the 8,000 color choices available for Viper shoppers and put together some very cool and exclusive color combinations. That means that while these final 135 units aren’t the special limited edition cars that sold out very early on, they will be rare in their own right with a bit of limited-edition status. Gerry Wood Dodge says that it bought up the 135-unit production run simply to be sure the cars were built.

SOURCE: MotorAuthority

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