Omate TrueSmart smartwatch final hardware design revealed

This week the folks at Omate have released a series of photos as well as a sort of up-close handsy video of the TrueSmart smartwatch in what they're suggesting will be the final working design. This device is still part of a KickStarter campaign, but has been funded well and above its original goal (surpassing this goal within the first day of its release on the crowdfunding circuit. Here we're seeing a wearable Android-based device that very much appears to be ready for action.

This iteration of the TrueSmart smartwatch is working with a fairly basic version of Android, one we expect to be updated before the final release. As the narrator of this video suggests, they "do have some work left to do on it" – most of it being right inside the software built. You'll also see a collection of standard Google apps for Android: shortcuts for settings, a phone app (yes, for phonecalls), calculator, messenger, Navigation, and YouTube included.

This device has been approved by Google (in a very early approval, mind you) to access the Google Play app store. You'll see full access to apps just as your smartphone has right this minute – and we're waiting on an answer to a few questions we've got about which apps will run.

This very brief hands-on presentation is made by Omate itself – once SlashGear has their very own device to run, you can expect a full in-depth exploration of what this wearable beast can – and cannot – do. For now you can also check out our archive of looks at this machine from over the past few weeks: SlashGear is staying on top of this one, that's for sure!

NOTE: Also check the timeline for a brief interview we've done with Omate today (coming soon, if not already appearing) as well as an extended bit of news next week. Big things are afoot for this tiny piece of wearable electronics!. The gallery you see above should be expanding as well as we find the rest of this scavenger hunt of images Omate has provided the web!